Who we are?

Travel is an integral element to Business. Be it Customer Meetings, Team events, Conferences, Onsite Project Management, Audits… etc. people travel. Over the year, means of travel have evolved, with more advanced transportations, great comfort, options for convenience, variety of loyalty programs, which somewhere build in complexities. In this Digital Era where technology drives business, decision making, Travel Desk services” continue to be largely disconnected.

One of the key challenges in Corporate Travel is Expense Management. Around 30% of travel expense are miscellaneous. TM Expense Management Module is a powerful tool that helps the traveller capture all expenses, tag them to the right basket and submit them in totality on completion of travel. This module helps travellers capture both Official & Personal Expenses and provides reports to help understand and claim relevant expense.

Kriya Travel Logistics Pvt Ltd, founded in 2015 with a vision to “redefine travel experience of Corporates and their employees”. Team Midas consists of a rich mix of professionals both from IT Industry and Travel Domain veterans. Keeping in view the changing trends and needs of the business traveller, TripMidas plans to provide

  • State of art Self Servicing Travel platforms
  • Mobility solutions for quick access, managing travel & cost;
  • Personalized Travel Options

TripMidas Home-to-Home travel management services are aimed at enhancing traveller’s convenience, comfort and make travel a hassle-free experience


Our Vision

To re-define the way people travel. We go beyond the expectations in creating an unparalleled experience through our service, people, partners and technology for every traveller.

Our Mission

Provide the most comprehensive travel services to fulfil the evolving needs of the businesses and the traveller. Achieve excellence through quality of service and enhance traveller experience, comfort, safety through our offerings.

Leadership Team

  • Ashok Kumar

    Ashok Kumar

    Entrepreneur and start-up enthusiast, he is a collaborative thought leader with 16+ years of experience in delivering vision, strategy and results. Ace in identifying opportunities and inspiring employees, he can anticipate change and devise appropriate reactions. Ashok owns the three attributes a successful CEO owns - Strategic with focus on detail, Data driven and appreciating talent.

    He balances a breadth of experience and knowledge with an ability, and takes responsibilities to translate strategic vision into profitable operations. It takes a special set of circumstances to foster leadership, Ashok is good in creating a” volunteer army” of individuals who can take on ever-growing responsibilities and become the leaders of tomorrow that businesses so sorely need.

    A person with varied personal interests, he enjoys traveling, cooking and reading. He connects with various people to undertake social causes. Noble in thinking and focused to act on it.
  • Vishnuprabha


    Founder, Ideator and go-getter, 12 + years of experience with comprehensive business insight. Functional experience on various facets of business development, operations, product development & management. A firm decision maker and problem solver, Vishnu currently manages operations, marketing and sales for TripMidas.

    Proven track record of integrating strategic planning and execution to deliver success on field. Her focus towards exceling in customer service makes her the ideal person to be COO.

    Vishnu is a dreamer, loves travelling, and reading books. A noble hearted person, she is always willing to walk the extra mile to help people

  • Govind Desikan

    Govind Desikan

    Founder, and CTO with over 22 + years of experience with many leading Global Technology Companies. Amazing blend of IT knowledge and business sensibility. A leader and team-player who enjoys taking different roles and wear many hats.

    Govind brings on-board a Global mind-set required to bring a revolution in travel domain through adoption of IT. At TripMidas he focuses on building and managing Technology Solutions, Business Continuity and IT Infrastructure needed for a seamless service. He is a mentor, believer of people and does not leave any stones unturned to bring out the best in people.

    Govind has many passions, a cricket umpire, music director, runs couple of NGO’s and social activist. He is an Engineer and a Chartered Accountant, in short a true all-rounder, which every team cherishes.

About TripMidas

Redefine travel experience of Corporates and their employees


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