Technology is a BIG differentiator at TripMidas. Our Self-Service Platform enables us to deliver our services seamlessly across various platforms and user groups. The focus is for creating a superior user experience and the rich interface enables the business travel to search, book and manage multi-leg itineraries on the go.


How we do that?


Corporate Travel Management Platform

A flexible platform to fit every Business travel process, from Large Enterprises to the SME segments. Corporates can create their travel policies, Create Travel Budgets, Generate Reports. In addition, TM tool enables employees to Search, Book and Manage their travel and allows users to select all services or specific service (like Airline or Hotel) alone. In both case the TM platform will comply with the travel policies of the corporates.

Expense Management Module

Travel creates a lot of overhead expenses, Submitting the same on completion of travel is important for employees to claim the expenses. TM Expense Module can compile claims cash, card expenses and allowances making it easy for the business to reconcile and do expense processing.

Travel Partner Module

TM Partner module is an indigenous solution targeted at the SME travel partners. It provides partners with an “Always on Travel Desk”, enabling them to service their customers round-the-clock. Beside saving on administration cost, the TM partner module provides numerous business-intelligent reports to help partners stay successful.



TM application is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This allows us to be scalable and flexible in delivering it to our customers. The applications are built on Standards which allow us to seamless integrate with Enterprise applications like on Finance or CRM.

Mobile App

Supports almost all the features of the product and empowers the traveller with the ability to access travel details, booking details, itinerary using smart mobile devices.

For the traveler, it provides personalized view with continuous updates on local news, food, weather and traffic.

TM Web and Mobile platform for Travelers enable them to stay connected with their Travel Desk all the time. The rich interface enables the business travel to search, book and manage complex itineraries on the go. Approval process, adherence to policies, real-time booking and complete travel services makes it the preferred solution for Business Traveller.

Web App

Our Web app features include customized dashboard, which can be modified to suit the requirements of various stakeholders (like agents, corporates, individual travellers, admin, travel desk, managers/approvers etc.)


Business Intelligence

Use our data analytics tool to gain strategic, tactical and operational insights on traveller preferences and travel spends andassistance in making informed choices.

Data Analysis

It is essential for every corporate to get the key information on structured manner to illustrate the trends and the patterns of the traveler and their expenses. In TripMidas, we have built a trend analysis report which helps any financial decision makers to build their annual budget


Reports gives you the entire view on the expense on projectwise, customerwise, branchwise, department wise and traveler wise which you can dissect and analyse.

Business Intelligence

Use our indigenous travel solution, turn travel-smart and stay

Indigenious travel solution

Use our indigenious travel solution, turn travel smart and stay business intelligent

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